Thursday, September 2, 2010

Some Funny Lines ...

·           The easiest way to make your old car run better is to check the prices of new car.
·           Sometimes when I reflect back on all the cigarettes I smoked, I feel ashamed. Then I look into the cigarette & think about the workers in the cigarette factory & all of their hopes & dreams. If I don't smoke this cigarette, they might be out of work & their dreams would be shattered, Then I say to myself, it's better that I smoke this cigarette & let their dreams come true then be selfish & worry about my LUNGS.
·           Several women appeared in court, each accusing the other of the trouble in the flat where they lived. The judge called for orderly testimony. "I'll hear the oldest first," he decreed. The case was closed for lack of evidence. 
·           My wife thinks "freedom of the press" means no-iron clothes.
·           When the best actors are chosen by other actors, it's called the Oscars. When the best actors are chosen by the people, it's called an election.
·           A husband, the owner of a new car, was somewhat reluctant to allow his wife to drive his prize possession, even to the grocery store which was a few blocks from the house.  After she insisted, he finally relented, cautioning her as she departed, "Remember, if you have an accident, the newspaper will print your age!"
·            "Take a pencil and paper”, the teacher said, "and write an essay with the title 'If I Were a Millionaire”.  Everyone, but Philip, who leaned back with arms folded, began to write furiously. 
"What's the matter," the teacher asked. "Why don't you begin?"   "I'm waiting for my secretary," he replied. 
·            Q: What's the difference between a good lawyer and a great lawyer? 
A: A good lawyer knows the law. A great lawyer knows the judge.
·            Nurse: A beautiful woman who holds your hand for one full minute and then expects your pulse to be normal.

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