Saturday, July 16, 2011

Jokes .... Sardar is back


Sardar found the answer to the most difficult question ever - What will come first, Chicken or egg?
O Yaar, what ever U order first, will come first. 

A teacher told all students in a class to write an essay on a cricket match. All were busy writing except one Sardarji.  He wrote 'DUE TO RAIN, NO MATCH!'

Postman: - I Have To Come 5 Miles to Deliver U This Packet
Sardar: - why did U come so far. Instead U could Have posted it.... 

Sardar's wish: when I die, I wanna die like my Grandpa who died peacefully in his sleep not Screaming like all d passengers in d car he was Driving.. 

A man: 'Sardarji, tell me, why Manmohan Singh goes for a walk in the evening not in the morning?'
Sardarji: ''Arey bhai Manmohan is PM not AM''. 
Sardar visits Chinese friend dying in hospital.
The Chinese friend just says 'CHIN YU YAN' and dies.
Sardarji goes to China to find the meaning of his friend's last Words.
And finds It means 'U R STANDNG ON the OXYGEN TUBE!'

Sardarji was standing in front of the mirror with his eyes closed.
His wife asked what you are doing.
He said-I am seeing how I look while sleeping. 
Why did Sardar cut the sides of the capsule before taking it?
Guess what...
To avoid side effects!!!

Man: Sardarji where were U born?
Sardarji: Punjab.
Man: Which part?
Sardar: Oye part part kya kar raha hai, whole body Is born in Punjab Yaar'. 

Sardar: For the past one week a girl is disturbing Me.
I don't know how she got my no, she interrupts whenever I call someone and says 'please recharge your card'

A person went into the office kitchen one morning and found a Sardarni painting the walls. She was wearing a new fur coat and a nice denim jacket. Thinking this was a little strange, he asked her why she was wearing them rather than old clothes or an overall.
She showed him the instructions on the tin, 'For Best Results put on Two Coats' 
A sardar was drawing money from ATM,
The sardar behind him in the line said, 'Ha! Ha! Haaa! I've seen ur password. Its 4 asterisks (****).'
The first sardar replies, 'Ha! Ha! Haaa! U R wrong, Its 1258'

Q:) How do U recognize a sardar in school or College???
A:) They are the ones who erase their notebooks when the teacher erases the blackboard... BOLO tarara!! 
Q:) Why did the sardarji sleep with a scale?
A:) Because he wanted to measure how long he has slept........

Santa Singh MBBS
After finishing his MBBS, Dr. Santa Singh starts his own practice.
He checked his first patient's eyes, then the tongue, and finally the ears using a torch.
Finally he said Battery is Ok !!! 

Saving the best for the last…………………………………………

Sardar & his wife filed an application for Divorce.
Judge asked: How'll U divide your kids, U'VE 3 children?
Sardar replied: Ok! We'll apply NEXT YEAR

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